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Dresso is a social marketplace that allows you to exploit the potential of the circular economy

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Do you want to earn from the circular economy?

With Dresso you will receive 5% of the amount each time one of your products is resold on the second hand market, throughout the product's life cycle!

Our patented tracking system allows us to trace in an intangible way all changes of ownership of products between members of our community.

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Do you want to guarantee the originality of your products?

Each garment sold on our platform is connected to a unique digital certificate traced on the blockchain which ensures its authenticity throughout its lifecycle.

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Would you like to know the preferences of your customers?

We know their wardrobes .
For this we can give a boost to your products by showing them to people who are really interested in having them.

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Would you like to receive purchase proposals every day?

Every month, our community members make purchase offers for the products we promote in our App. You can receive them comfortably and decide to accept the ones you want. And remember every time your products are resold you will receive an additional 5% cash back!

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